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Great Christian gift: decorative crosses

Decorative Vintage Jewel Tone CrossIf you are looking for a great Christian gift, come to TotallyCrosses, where you can get one-of-a-kind unique crosses that are sure to please. These are decorative crosses are designed using a medley of colors and beads combined with other religious symbols to provide a wall cross that is an interesting piece for all to see.

Unique crosses offer interesting viewpoints

Silver Christian Cross With AngelThe artist that crafts our unique crosses designs them with high regard to elements like color and form to present an interesting look into Christianity and various symbols of the faith. The way the cross is made with wire in circles could be seen to symbolize the eternal love of Jesus Christ that has no beginning and no end. The addition of elements like a heart show the love in a more direct symbol. The colors on each are carefully chosen and represent feelings emitted when thinking about the crucifixion. There are also graphical depictions of Jesus, text written in ancient Aramaic, and many other interesting features on some of the crosses.


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